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Dr. Brian Alman- Keep It off

Over 30 years working with thousands of patients, Dr. Brian Alman has translated his intuitive and clinical techniques for healing into transformational programs with results that last.

Whether Dr. Alman is working with individual people or businesses, his approach begins by revealing the root of the wellness issue or performance challenge.

World-renowned self-help author Dr. Brian Alman offers his signature techniques for self-healing in a line of books, CD programs, and DVD programs. These programs were developed to help you manage your stress and anxiety through effective self-help techniques - all in your own home on your own time.


How These Programs Can Help You Manage Anxiety and Stress

We all know just what a wide­spread problem stress and anxiety are in people’s lives. Today, an enormous percentage of doctor visits are stress-related. Chronic stress and anxiety can be caused by many things, from adverse child­hood experiences to workplace anxiety. This unmanaged stress can create a whole host of physical and emotional problems, like obesity, drug dependency, and depression.

Learn stress management through PROVEN self-help techniques.

We all have stress in our lives, and certainly it can cause problems. But it’s not always the bad guy. Sometimes stress can actu­ally help us—kids and grown-ups alike—to concentrate, focus, and do our best in difficult, demanding situations. However, research shows that the normal stress of daily life (what might be called “good” stress) builds up and becomes harmful when we bottle up our perfectly normal feelings about what we're going through.

Self-Help author Brian Alman, MD, uses "self-talk" to master relaxation and stress reduction

Dr. Alman's self-help audio programs will help you learn to use simple tools for effective relaxation and stress management. You will learn self-talk methods, how to "breath through" stressful situation and how to use these techniques to master weight loss and physical health, workplace stress, family problems. You can learn to overcome your anxiety through self-talk and other methods of coping with stress.

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