Dr. Brian Alman. Wellness Expert, Author & Counselor. Encinitas, CA
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Become your true authentic self with The Last Row Perspective:

Meet Dr. Brian Alman

I’m Dr. Brian Alman, the creator of The Last Row Perspective. This self-care technique has helped thousands of people—from kids all the way to NFL players—go from being emotionally stuck and mentally drained to feeling free, empowered, and back on the road to happiness and success. The Last Row Perspective is easy to learn, takes only minutes to practice, and the results are mind blowing. Best of all, this technique is readily available, either from me personally in private sessions, or through one of my online programs.



Listen to Dr. Alman on “Happy Hour” 97.7 as he discussing health, wellness, inner balance, the most powerful pharmacy in the world and how to find balance in your life! Dr. Alman also shares more about his new venture VIP Well Being which is poised to help business owners and staff find the stamina they need to be as successful as possible in their lives! Listen today!


The Last Row Perspective

For over 35 years Dr. Brian Alman has been developing techniques to help people transform themselves, mind & body, heart & soul. With The Last Row Perspective, Dr. Alman has created his most powerful technique yet, one that can help you overcome any personal challenge you might be facing—stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, obesity/diabetes, insomnia, family problems, PTSD, chronic pain, and many more—and find inside yourself your own best solutions.

Last Row Perspective Video

The Last Row Perspective | Video

Books by Dr. Brian Alman

Dr. Alman is the author of ten books, including Keep it Off, which presents a weight-loss program endorsed by Deepak Chopra; California Total Beauty (with Dr. Tess Mauricio, M.D.), offers techniques to enhance inner and outer beauty; and The Voice, showing individuals how to cut through their negative mindset and self-imposed limitations and begin to hear their true, empowering inner Voice. Dr. Alman’s latest book, Less Stress for Kids, offers a Last Row remedy for the epidemic of stress and anxiety in kids K-8. The Voice and Less Stress for Kids are also available in German by publisher Carl Auer.

Dr Brian Alman Books

Private Sessions

Dr. Brian Alman offers one-on-one private sessions in person or by phone. These office sessions typically last a few hours, but Dr. Alman also specializes in all day sessions at the beach. Working with Dr. Alman, you quickly learn how to gain full access to The Last Row, the calm, loving place inside where you are able to observe, accept, and let go of those root emotional and family issues that have been holding you back for years or decades. Gaining this Last Row Perspective allows you to work with your intuition—your true self, your Voice—to achieve amazing personal growth.

Brian Alman Therapist
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