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The New Science of Stress Management
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I’ve been teaching thousands of people from all over the world, including MD’s, PhD’s, Coaches, Healers, Therapists, Teachers, Nurses & 1st Responders and have found that - in addition to being able set and achieve inner and outer success immediately and long-term - they have many common motivations (to help others and themselves), which anyone can apply to their own life, work and relationships to achieve success.

My personalized success formulas are based on proactive strategies that are clinically-proven techniques that empower everyone; mentally, emotionally and physically.  This also includes the master key and secret ingredient missing in most others!

“Hi this is John Assaraf New York Times best selling author of Having it All & The Answer and CEO of NeuroGym. For the last 15 years, I’ve been referring clients of mine to Dr. Brian Alman, who I consider as one of the leading mind experts in the world. Any of our clients that are having difficult issues, either mental or emotional obstacles that they want to get rid of, deep levels of stress that they want to release, we send them over to Brian Alman, and I can tell you that for the last 15 years, all I hear from my clients is, ‘Wow. Thank you. Absolutely amazing work that he did with me.’ So, if your even remotely considering hiring Brian Alman, I highly recommend that you do.”
— John Assaraf

The Science of Positive Focus is a “seminar on DVD” that will show you how to accomplish all of your goals… no matter what. It covers everything you need to know to stay positive, energized, powerful and focused so you can reach your next level in any environment.

This program includes 1 Digital Video that runs for 124 minutes.

I’m also adding 3 bonuses:

  • Your Inner Voice E-Book

  • Personality Quiz to Discover Your Own Unique Ways of Dealing With Stress With Tips For How You Can Deal With Your Stress Better

  • Access to the Brian Alman Stress Management Library

By following the training in The Science of Stress Management, you will:

  • Feel energized as you tap into your inner resources that will help you be successful in all areas of your life

  • Experience more inner peace and confidence

  • Relax and enjoy more balance in difficult situations and when dealing with difficult people

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On Sale for a Limited Time

MSRP: $50.00

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