What would you say to Demi Lovato?


What would you say to Demi Lovato?

Her alcoholic, rage-aholic father & bulimic, obsessed with beauty mother are like many of my typical patients.

I’ve been on the treatment side of the largest study in the world on this topic! It’s called the ACE Study that stands for Adverse Childhood Experiences & includes 1.3 million people — supported by CDC, NIH & published in JAMA

The answer to 10 questions defines Demi, Amy & tens millions of other victims. Treatment is the NUMBER ONE predictor of success & most treatments are inadequate. This means that even people who go to rehab, won't be saved. 

Successful treatment is complicated & simple, like Demi’s hit song. Successful treatment requires the comprehensive approach that works with people with ACE’s. 

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I want to give you one caring, deep, real, simple, complicated & empowering process from my book, Your Inner Voice, that you can practice & if you know Demi or anyone going through anything like this. 

Please remember to also & always reach out for the help you need from therapists, doctors, healers, friends & family!

- Dr. Brian Alman 

Brian Alman