17 Big Ideas For 2017 -- Featured in San Diego Magazine!

I was so excited to be featured in this month's San Diego Magazine for 17 Big Ideas for 2017. Check out the rest of the article HERE! Below is the snippet I contributed: 

Let’s address childhood stress in school curricula.

Brian Alman, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and Author

After firsthand experience with his own daughter, Dr. Brian Alman, a wellness consultant at Kaiser and therapist to CEOs, rock stars, and athletes, turned his focus to childhood stress resulting from peer pressure, cyberbullying, competition, and more. “Kids are bombarded with negative energy, as we all know how overly critical and cruel they can be to each other. And truthfully, most parents don’t have any idea about the amount of daily stress their kids are experiencing.” In 2015, 25 percent of U.S. teens had suffered from an anxiety disorder.

Alman has penned seven books, including Less Stress for Kids, which gives children hands-on techniques to counteract the abundance of these challenges. He’s also developed a year-long curriculum—which includes stress management tools like visualization, relaxation techniques, positive self-talk practices, creative games, and drum circles—which has already been implemented in two Encinitas private schools. Alman envisions the program becoming accessible to all schools in San Diego County. To his credit, Stedman Graham (Oprah’s beau!) has championed the program in Chicago schools as well.

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