What to do when YOU find out a LOVED ONE is an ADDICT?

What to do when YOU find out a LOVED ONE is an ADDICT?

It took me 30 years to make it this simple. It took me being part of the treatment side of a study with 1.3 million people in it. It took me treating thousands of people to understand this. It took me working with the smartest medical doctors (Felitti & Anda) and healers from all over the world to understand this. It took me writing seven books to figure this out...& my own real life experiences with difficult situations & people. 

Please only share with trusted people who are invested in real changes;

1. Ask loved one if they understand their addiction is their biggest solution & also their biggest problem. 

It’s not just either one but both. 

2. Ask them at what age they 1st started to use the addicted substance, activity or stuff. 

3. Then ask why then & not 2 years earlier or 2 years later?

4. Ask them what effect the addiction has had on their life?

5. Same question as above & are they aware of the effect their addiction has on others?

6. Ask them what kind of help are they open to?

7. Ask them if they’d like help right now?

Get help!  Never give up on a great thing or a great person. 
Plus, learn to let go!

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Video clip: https://youtu.be/jBlJnTPxK44

Brian Alman