Stress and hair loss

Stress suppresses everyone’s immune system, which makes it much easier for anyone to get sick and harder to fight off viruses. When people are stressed, they get sick more often. It could be a cold and almost any physical “signal” that manifests because the immune system can't suppress the virus, fear of the fear, helplessness & symptoms. 

It’s not actually the fear that gets people sick. It’s the repressing, internalizing, ignoring & overwhelming feelings of inadequacy to deal with the roots & underlying reasons for the stress. This can range from pressure to perform to unresolved problems from childhood to present day conflicts from work, family issues, money problems to real medical concerns that feel like a catastrophe to the individual person that may be us and or someone we know. 

The most important thing to remember because we all get stressed from what we see on the news, relationship concerns, health, love, loneliness and real life problems, is that we must learn new skills for awareness, acceptance, communicating and releasing stress. 

The more we avoid stress, the stronger it gets and the more physical signals will appear. When we go to the doctor, the prescriptions and advice we get will be to treat the signals and not the underlying issues that are the cause. The more effectively we learn how to deal with our stress, the more we get rid of it. Proactive approaches are essential. Passive approaches turn into coping skills that are worse than the original stress and then you have the ongoing stress, the “signals” that are trying to communicate to you to do something proactive & helpful. Typical passive coping (& help you get away from the stress but at the same time makes things worse) include pulling your hair out, cutting, over-eating, drinking alcohol to excess, smoking and there’s no end to what you can do to over-react to the stress, signals, avoidance or denial. 

I developed and teach the “compassion response” to your stress. You tap into your inner Doctor & inner wisdom to utilize the calm power in your mind, body & emotions. There are only 3 things that are required and everyone can learn these in a short amount of time. Then, depending on your stress level, your personality type, your history & your family’s ways of coping with stress and you, the compassion response’s simple practices will start to help within a minute and you will know how to help yourself in every stressful situation in your present and future. This will also help you deal with stress from the past. 

- Dr. Brian Alman

Brian Alman