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California Total Beauty

California Total Beauty Look and Feel Your Very Best, Outside and Inside, Body and Mind

Connect your Outer Beauty with your Inner Beauty: We all know that looking our best relaxes us and boosts our self-confidence. But did you know that feeling relaxed and confident can actually help us look our best? Now a top California cosmetic dermatologist and a top California wellness coach join forces to help you achieve today’s Total Beauty—showing you how to enhance your appearance from the the outside in and from the inside out. You’ll hear over a dozen personal client stories (and see their color before-and-after photos), as you learn about the latest non-invasive anti-aging procedures and non-surgical liposculpting, as well as simple and powerful mind-body techniques for stress management and permanent weight loss. Special features include an Inner Beauty Quiz and an Outer Beauty Quiz to help you know when you’re ready to start looking and feeling your very best. Also a unique chapter on the skin problems and new Beauty Solutions for women of color.

Less Stress for Kids

Less Stress for Kids A Stress-Management Program for Parents, Teachers, and Children K-8

Kids nowadays are under tremendous stress in every aspect of their lives, in school, after school, in their social world, and in their families. Dr. Brian Alman’s new book, Less Stress for Kids, shows children K-8 how to manage their stress in the most effective way, from the inside out. Kids learn to breathe, relax, and take themselves through a simple 3-step self-care process that Dr. Alman calls Going to the Movies. Chapter 1 explains the Going to the Movies process in easy language, with a little help from Mickey Mouse in The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Chapter 2 presents the Less Stress for Kids Program, thirty-six illustrated exercises that offer fun and creative ways to practice Going to the Movies. And Chapter 3 tells the story of a confrontation between an Indian boy and a young rattlesnake, a fateful encounter that teaches both of them what growing up really means. By introducing your kids or students to the Going to the Movies process, and by helping them work through the Less Stress exercises, you’ll be giving them a gift they can take with them all through life: a wonderful new confidence that they can manage their stress, instead of having it manage them.

The Voice

The Voice Listen Inside…Your Truth Will Set You Free

From one of the world’s leading authorities on mind-body healing comes a revolutionary process for managing any physical or emotional challenge—instead of having it manage you. We all have a positive voice inside, a quiet voice of self-caring, compassion and deep wisdom that is often drowned out by our socially conditioned negative thoughts and feelings. Now Dr. Brian Alman reveals how to access this true, authentic inner voice and to amplify its power. As you begin listening deep inside, you see your challenge no longer as a problem holding you back, but as a bridge to healing and evolving. “Once you read The Voice you will never talk to yourself in a negative way again. This small change in your inner behavior will have an extraordinary impact on your outer behavior and environment. The Voice is a powerful book and will give you the tools you need to improve your life in every way.” Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator, the Chicken Soup of the Soul series. “The Voice is more than positive psychology or mind/body healing. It’s a breakthrough that reveals the essential steps to real health and true happiness. A must read!” T. Harv Eker, New York Times #1 best-selling author, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

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