• Live with Dr. Brian Alman at the beach in San Diego! 

  • 3 day Intensive with monthly supervision for 1 year

  • Application process is available from DrAlman@TruSage.com

  • There is a required entrance interview. It is free to interview. 

First, I would like to say that Dr. Alman and his Finding Your Voice process are what I’ve been looking for in my lifetime search to find a solid way to heal from traumatic childhood and life events. I’ve tried many different traditional and alternative therapies and have found that Dr. Alman’s process is very unique and effective. For one thing, he is teaching me how to become my own healer and guide, and find my own best answers. That makes so much sense to me.
I owe Dr. Brian Alman a lot. As a Psychotherapist, I see many patients who have been struggling with their problems for years. Since I started learning with Dr.Alman in 2007 I feel more and more confident, even dealing with severe problems. He taught me exact techniques, which are tremendously helpful. Having the opportunity to learn from Dr. Alman has changed my personal, as well as my professional life. I can definitely recommend his workshops 100%.
— Mag. Jessica Schadlu
There is no doubt in my mind, body, heart and soul that the two days I spent on the beach with Dr. Alman mark a turning point in my life towards much greater well being than I could ever imagine to be possible.