Less Stress for Kids: A Mind-Body Program to Help Kids of All Ages Relax and Let Go

Less Stress for Kids: A Mind-Body Program to Help Kids of All Ages Relax and Let Go


Today, kids are under tremendous stress in every aspect of their lives, in school, after school, in their social world, and in their families. Dr. Brian Alman's new book, Less Stress for Kids, shows kids how to help themselves let go of their stress in the most effective way, from the inside out. Children learn to go inside, breathe, relax, and take themselves through a simple 3-step inner process that Dr. Alman calls Going to the Movies. A short Introduction for Parents and Teachers presents the problem of childhood stress, and outlines Dr. Alman's program for dealing with it.

Chapter 1 then explains the Going to the Movies process in language for kids, with a little help from Mickey Mouse in Disney's classic cartoon, “The Sorcerer's Apprentice,” and also from Princess Elsa in Disney's recent hit movie Frozen. Chapter 2 presents the Less Stress for Kids program, thirty-six illustrated mind-body techniques that offer simple and fun ways to practice Going to the Movies. Also, each technique is followed by workbook pages for the kids to draw or write creatively about their experience. And Chapter 3 concludes the program with a compelling story about a confrontation between an Apache boy and a young rattlesnake, a fateful, stressful encounter that helps both youngsters find inside their self-respect--the most important thing for growing up healthy and happy. By introducing your kids or students to the Going to the Movies process, and by helping them work through the Less Stress for Kids techniques and workbook, you’ll be giving them a gift they can take with them all through life: a wonderful new confidence that they can relax and let go of their stress in the moment and on their own.

Available in English and German languages.

"Less Stress for Kids is the best book I've read that integrates skill-building with practical steps for self-confidence, self-respect & success-mindedness. I highly recommend this to teachers, parents, staff & students. I'm an advocate for optimizing mind-body skills; this book needs to be part of the curriculum in all schools."— Eugene Ruffin, CEO EdFutures

“Dr. Alman began providing [Less Stress for Kids] workshops during the 2014-2015 school year. These sessions were well received by the school staff, students and their families. One fifth grade student, Kai, who learned techniques from Less Stress for Kids last April, taught one of his nervous baseball teammates a relaxation technique he learned from Dr. Alman during a game. Kai said, ‘It really helped my friend.’ Eighth grade student, Andre, said, ‘What I learned from Dr. Alman has helped me take tests and fall asleep when I’m traveling on a long flight.’ Seventh grade student, Clayton, has used techniques to help him in sports. He said, ‘Before Dr. Alman worked with my class, I could not hit a baseball. Now I am hitting home runs!’ Sage, a seventh grade student, said she feels, ‘Dr. Alman is very good at what he does. I use the tools that he taught me a lot, and they all help.’’

  • S.H., Teacher

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